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PAINTING  -  The realms between waking consciousness and sleep fascinate me. The imagery and feelings experienced in this hypnagogic state, as in dreams, altered states, and meditation, hint at possibilities beyond our physical reality. When I paint I free my mind of words and concepts, and attempt to show what can happen during these experiences and what I imagine is possible just before the emergence of forms or their disappearance back into the void. These paintings reflect moments of creation where elemental forces of life meet, making "landscapes" that feel familiar, but may not be of this world.

PORTRAITS  - Years ago, when a friend asked me to draw a portrait of his dog, I discovered how much I love making a work of art that has so much personal meaning. Each commission I create is a customized black and white graphite drawing which is very classic in style. After capturing my subject's essence in their eyes, I "grow" the portrait from there as though sculpting the finer details with a variety of graphite pencils, to bring my portraits to life.  I work with clients all over the country, using photographs as reference for the final drawing.

 “You must hear this all the time, but it's worthy of repetition. Your portraits are stunning. The one you did of Marco is so realistic and true to the photograph I gave you. Every eyelash, whisker and hair on his head is just right. I can't wait to give this to my husband! Thank you so much.”